World-class skatepark to be built at the Forks

(May 26, 2005) Winnipeg Free Press (Patti Edgar) :: THE Forks is planning a $1-million, world-class skateboard park that designers promise will draw board-toting tourists from across North America.

An anonymous donor is putting up all of the cash for the skate park, which could be open by October.

Meanwhile, Transcona will also get a major new sports and recreation development. Unrelated to The Forks skateboard park, Transcona’s new regional park with 10 ball diamonds on 57 hectares will get $3 million of new government funding today....
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Winnipeg's Public Use Facility Study (PUFS) plans 13 skateparks
The Skateboarding Association of Winnipeg started in May 2001, with the goal of having the City of Winnipeg build a world-class skatepark. We very happy to announce that our hard work and (sometimes frustrating) efforts have paid off. 

We gained positive media coverage and wide public support for including more skateparks in the City's community programming. In early 2002, the City's EPC (Executive Policy Committee) recognized the need for skateboarding facilities and agreed to work with the Skateboarding Association of Winnipeg to do such.

The new Public Use Facility Study (PUFS) released in mid-2004 by the City of Winnipeg suggests building 13 small skateparks around Winnipeg. While this is not what we hoped for, we do support community skateboarding facilities.

World Class Skatepark to be built at Forks
World Class Skatepark to be built at Forks

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The Skateboarding Association of Winnipeg started in May 2001 with the goal of seeing a world-class skatepark in Winnipeg